Fake Mustache Cover

Fake Mustache is an all-new book by Tom Angleberger.

It is about a boy named Lenny Flem, Jr., and his friend, Casper Bengue, and their struggle to determine the fate of the USA!!! Vote Fako!!! What happens is a seventh Grade boy named Casper buys a fake mustache made out of real hair! He dresses up in a Man- About- Town suit, and robs banks, then rbuys a famous novelty company. He then becomes Hairsprinkle's govorner, then the president of the USA.... for a couple of second where he is almost shot to death by an assasin who wants the Fake Mustache back for an unknown reason. But during this whole thing, Lenny flem Jounior is trying to stop Casper, who changes his name to Fako Mustacho (FAH- KOH MUS- TOSH- OH) Lenny disguses as a rejecten TV star named Jodeo Rodeo, and he soon meets up with her, and they develop a relationship. They are then captured by some of Fako Mustacho's hypnotized workers. They then escape in a shipment of confetti, and end up at a football stadium where they soon put on some Vote Fako Mustacho gear and fit in with the croud. Then, they meet the assasin who is bent out on actually KILLING Fako Mustacho just for the mustache! But, lenny got a super deluxe Sticky Hand model, and he uses it and actually stops a speeding bullet! The and grabs the bullet.... and the mustache, which is half eaten by Lenny, then a water bottle hits him in the head, and he is knocked out. Finally, he waked up to fidn Jodie kissing him, and police asking Casper questions. They don't find out about who Fako Mustacho really was, but all anyone saw, was Jodie stopping the assasin, and Lenny is said to be a nobody. The book is the truth behind Fako Mustacho.